UITP Congress, Helsinki Fair Centre, May 2007
Lydie Le Corre, Irisbus Iveco Advertising & Promotion, IVECO France

   “For our Public Transport Congress & Exhibition in May 2007, congress assistants were very professional, took good initiatives and managed in a perfect & independent way the welcome desks. A real assistance to us!”

PulpPaper messut, Helsinki, June 2007
Markus Poussa, paper machinery sales – Finland, Fr Ramström Ab


”Fr Ramström Ab:n puolesta olemme erityisen tyytyväisiä Congress Assistantsin toimintaan; kaikki toimi hyvin - niin kuin oltiin sovittu ja varsin vähällä vaivalla.
"Messuemäntämme" ansaitsee toiminnastaan arvosanan "täysi kymppi" - hän oli tarmokas, oma-aloitteinen, tehokas sekä sosiaalinen.”


EAS Congress, Helsinki Fair Centre, June 2007
Georges Melides, MMR, France

  "The congress assistants team projected a positive and professional image and was very well perceived by the few hundreds international Heart specialists they interviewed at the 76th Congress of the European Society of Atherosclerosis in Helsinki."

ESPE 2007 Meeting, Helsinki Fair Centre, June 2007
Lena Aronsson, Meeting Planning Consultant, Congrex Sweden AB


 “The ESPE 2007 meeting in Helsinki was a great success in all aspects. Congress Assistants were a key element to the success of the meeting with their professionalism, attention to detail and commitment. Varis Original Oy is indeed a company to rely on with their expertise and committed staff, and we would warmly recommend their services to others. 
With hopes to work with Congress Assistants again in the future.”